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Growing up I’m sure you were probably told on more than one occasion that you needed to spend more time outdoors as it is good for you, but Science has now found that it does actually have benefits to you on both a physical and a mental level.

The feelings of calm and relaxation that most people find on a beach together with the combination of the sounds of the waves & the associated smells around you, have a hypnotic effect on your brain.

Science calls this ‘The blue space’ and says that the change in how your brain reacts to the surrounding environment leaves you feeling happy, relaxed and re-energized.

This ‘blue space’ has a meditation effect and has many positive benefits. It can reduce stress, as you enjoy relaxation, it can boost creativity as your mind reflects on the perspectives of life and it can also help reduce feelings of depression, just by changing your environment.

So the next time you have nothing to do, pack a picnic and head to the beach – you may develop more than just a great sun tan!

Source : sharebly.net

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