About Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is not a new idea or concept, hypnotherapy has been used as an aid to illness throughout history; from Hindu sleep temples in Ancient India, to surgical procedures in the 1800’s before the development of anaesthesia, right up to modern times where in 1955 it was recognised as a medical tool by the BMA, British Medical Association.

Hypnosis is basically just a natural state of calm relaxation that everyone goes into quite naturally almost everyday…watching the TV and becoming engrossed to the point you can’t hear someone talking, driving somewhere and not remembering the journey these are both examples of being in a hypnotic state. It is the therapy completed whilst in this state that is effective in making the changes that the client seeks.

Hypnotherapy isn't magic, it cannot change someones basic underlying personality, it also cannot help you achieve something physically impossible.

A hypnotherapist can’t control you, make you say things you wish to stay hidden or behave in any way that is against your moral code.

It is also not a replacement for seeing your GP, a diagnostic tool for an unexplained illness or a means to stop existing medication provided by your GP, without their professional consent.

In some cases where you have an existing medical condition you need to first check with your GP to ensure that they are happy for you to undergo this type of therapy. Please note it is contra-indicated (likely to make you worse) as a treatment in psychosis.

Hypnotherapy as a treatment

Hypnotherapy is a therapy that most people can benefit from as it is a natural, talking therapy which is accessed by dealing with a persons subconscious mind.

It is extremely effective and can help with a multitude of issues ranging from problems with confidence, anxiety, fears and phobias to symptoms of IBS, chronic pain, to life enhancement, sports performance or achieving career goals.

It takes a joint effort by the therapist and the client to make the therapy successful and the client needs to commit wholeheartedly to their therapy plan.

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