Fears & Phobias



Closeup portrait young terrified girl woman scared at dentist visit, siting in chair, funny looking with fear, doesn't want dental procedure drilling tooth extraction isolated clinic office background

Fears or a phobia can be caused by an event, a circumstance, or you may not even know how it came about, but it can be something that you have suffered with all your life.

If the issue is connected to something that could possibly be encountered in your daily life, or is something you need to do for yourself or your loved ones, it can have a huge impact. Fears and phobias can cause you to feel immense distress or upset, leave you frozen and unable to do what you need to do or prevent you from doing what you want to do.

Fear is a natural response to dangerous situations, but sometimes we get confused with what our brain perceives as a threat or danger and it sends the body into the age old response of fight, flight or freeze.

Hypnotherapy can address the root of the problem, enable you to take back control & allow you to find a manageable way to cope or overcome this unwanted state.

Free yourself from fear and leave those barriers behind!