How much does it cost?

  • Initial Appointment, approx 75-90 minutes - £90
  • Hypnotherapy Sessions, approx 60 minutes - £75
  • Psychotherapy Sessions, approx 60 minutes - £75
  • BWRT® Sessions, approx 45-60 minutes - £75
  • Sports Performance Mind Coaching, approx 60 minutes - £75


How many sessions will I need?

Depending on the issue you need help with, a number of sessions may be required but this will be discussed with you on our first contact.

As an indication the average number of sessions required using Hypnotherapy:

  • Exam Nerves/Dentist fears - 1-3 sessions
  • Anxiety - 3-6 sessions
  • Self confidence - 3-6 sessions
  • Phobias - 2-3 sessions
  • Depression - 4-6 sessions
  • More in depth issues may take longer

For clients choosing BWRT®, fears or phobias can be overcome in as little as 1 session.

However, complex issues such as binge eating/drinking or addiction, require the client to commit to a package of 4 BWRT® sessions for the likelihood of successful therapy. This will be assessed in the initial consultation.

How can I pay?

  • Payments should be made by bank transfer at least 48 hours prior to the booked session to prevent cancellation.
  • 24 hours notice is required for cancellations or the session cost may still be charged in full.
  • Clients wanting to book a BWRT® 4 session package are required to book and pay in advance for their treatment plan.

What hours do you work?

  • My hours are variable and run from Monday to Friday.

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