Living with Fibromyalgia

Anyone who has Fibromyalgia knows that the symptoms are many, varied and typically can involve :-

  • chronic widespread pain,
  • muscle tenderness and or muscle weakness,
  • chronic fatigue,
  • disturbances in sleep & mood,
  • tingling or numbing sensations,
  • hypersensitivity,
  • difficulty in focussing,
  • inability to express yourself,
  • confusion or clumsiness,
  • cramping,
  • I.B.S,
  • dizziness or nausea,
  • and even produce strange disturbing nightmares…

It is a diagnosed condition that seems to be the lumping together of numerous symptoms that have no obvious origin or resolution. The waste bin of symptoms, if you like, but a condition that nevertheless can change the sufferers way of life and how they see the world, bringing with it a possible combination of chronic pain, depression anxiety and stress.

There are many different articles about Fibromyalgia on the internet as to the causes, triggers & treatment for this condition ranging from anti-depressants that include muscle relaxants to different types of painkillers as a management plan. Some people also hold the belief that it is an entirely psychosomatic illness, in that it has a completely psychological origin.

Whatever belief you hold or has been provided to you by your diagnosing GP or specialist, every sufferer is different, with varying levels of symptoms and impact.

It is from my own personal experience of this condition, from which I came to my own conclusion on what worked best for me. This also subsequently changed my own career path away from the world of Information Technology and into Therapy. I wanted to help other people find relief from their symptoms and the ever changing mental state found in coping with chronic illness.

I feel that to best manage Fibromyalgia you need to recognise that it is a combined physical & mental issue and that you need to have a treatment plan that encompasses both.

Looking after your mental state of mind is of great importance and should be given the same consideration and priority as most people do to going to their GP and taking prescribed medication.

The brain is the operating centre of the body, why would you not also think to keep it well maintained and in good working order? Surely that only makes sense?

It would seem, however, people rarely think to see or talk to a professional therapist for help with their state of mind when this can sometimes be the crux of changing their life into a more positive direction.

Whatever situation you are in, whatever life has dealt to you, there is a way forward, a way to cope – look after your mind as well as your body and be aware that they are both very much intertwined.

Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy could be the answer you seek, maybe it’s time you gave it a try…

Julie Gilby

I run a professional and friendly Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy practice near Meopham, Kent. I am passionate about helping clients overcome their difficulties and achieving the changes they want so they can live a happier, healthier and more successful life.

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